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Hot Custard

A Touch of Custard, the Custard Touch, call it what you will, its our mixed touch footy team. From a humble beginning where those who have played touch all their lives had to cope with the complete rookies, we have risen to some dizzy heights!

Three guys and three girls on the pitch at any one time and with girls who are better than half of the guys... makes for a good run out and a humbling experience for the teams who underestimate our girl power!

The Custard Touch is undergoing something of a transformation at the moment - fresh off the back of a double grand-final win, the immediate future holds some change for the touch team... Our guru's of Hot Custard touch rugby, A-Rod and Horsie, are heading home shortly. Adding to that body blow, Spainme, Rex & Shar are all off too - compounding the loss of some of our most experienced players!

However, with a huge end-of-season send off and in-house awards ceremony, they were sent on their way in style and in typical Ferrario-fashion, they left us in finer-style! Equipping us with knowledge, secret permissions, open confidence, beer, and many, many tequila's, they left us confidently in the equally capable hands of Sharpie, Dan and the Dog.

So to this season and, taking on a bunch of rookies, some of whom have never played, we decided to start gently. Into the Sunday social Putney league we've entered a squad large enough to allow for the expected holidays and hangovers and to cover for those fair weather players amongst us (you know who you are!) as winter creeps towards us...

Another legacy of the Ferrario influence on the Custard Touch is the Designated Try Scorer (DTS) Rule;

  • Every week there'll be a nominated DTS. Before the game, the DTS has to choose a Designated Drinker (DD). Then during the game, if the DTS fails to score a try, they (the DTS) have to drink two shooters after the game! However, if the DTS scores then their DD has to drink two shooters for every try the DTS scores!

Other key things that have been indelibly etched on our memories to carry into the season include:

  • No subbing in defence! Wait until we have the ball! (The Dog is still with us to demonstrate why you should stick to this..!)
  • In A-Rod and Rexy's absence, the only people allowed to abuse the referee are Sharpie, Dog and Jonesy. Tawny and Dan never would and the rest of us don't know what we're talking about!
  • Enjoy it, involve everyone and have fun! The finest thing A-Rod and Horsie have brought to the Custard Touch

So, with our creative diva, Sharpie, our finishing machine, Dog and our Clubman of the year, Dan, leading the way, we're into a new (less experienced!) Custard Touch era!


Chris Beattie, Des Creasey, Rohan Creasey, Chris Dawson, Chris Hinds, Mark Jones, Kylee Leggatt, Nick Maesepp, Todd Newmarch, Will Rigney, Sarah Sharpe, Kate Stanley, Sarah Toussaint, Bianca Zietsman


Date Week Result Opponents Score Field Time
12/02 1 Won 4-3 Chatty Hunters    
19/02 2 Won 5-1 Dragonesque    
26/02 3 Won Benny Hill's 9-2    
05/03 4 Won 3Kg Legends 6-0    
12/03 5 Lost FSA Nomads Mix 1-6    
19/03 6 Won 3Kg Wimbledon 7-1    
26/03 7 Won Galaxy Kowhai 5-0    
02/04 F Lost FSA Nomads Mix 2-4    


WINNERS - In2Touch Social, Wandsworth, Winter 05
WINNERS - TouchRugby Social, Putney, Autumn 05
WINNERS - In2Touch Open, Regents Park, Summer 05
Runners-Up - Faro Beach Touch Tournament, Portugal, Summer 05
Runners-Up - Faro Grass Touch Tournament, Portugal, Summer 05
7th Place, - Spring 05 In2Touch Open, Wandsworth
Runners-Up - Winter 04/05 In2Touch Open, Wandsworth
WINNERS - Autumn 04, In2Touch Open, Regents Park
5th Place, mixed Superleague - Summer 04, In2Touch Wandsworth
3rd Place (joint), mixed Superleague - Summer 04, In2Touch Fulham/WW
3rd Place, mixed Social - Summer 04, In2Touch Fulham/WW
Quarter-Finalists - Spring Carnival, In2Touch/TNT, Acton
Runners-Up - Spring 04, In2Touch Wandsworth
3rd Place - Winter 03, In2Touch Wandsworth
WINNERS - Autumn 03, Touchrugby Fulham/WW
Semi-Finalists - Summer 03, Touchrugby Fulham
Semi-Finalists - Spring 03, Touchrugby Fulham


Internal Awards for any sport that has 'touch' in the name gives us plenty of scope to work up some cracking titles... so watch this space in anticipation of our inaugral 'Custard Touch' awards... especially those of us on the team who may be working towards one of those titles (possibly unsuspectingly!). However, we have recorded one external award:

Rohan Creasey - Best and Fairest (i.e. least argumentative with the refs!), In2Touch Winter 03