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Custard Cuties

Go girls! Putting the men to shame in the mixed game gets a little monotonous sometimes, so the girls are back together to play against some proper top-level opponents!

With the weather just starting to defrost after winter (and getting muddy instead!), the girls are picking up where they left off a year ago. One competition played, one competition won - that ratio exposes a few truths when it comes to the mixed team! In the sun or the rain and certainly in the mud, the Custard Cuties Touch team look very, very good indeed!


Sarah Beswick, Ari Hemara, Kylee Leggatt, Erica Neill, Galya Reuter, Sarah Sharpe, Kate Stanley, Sarah Toussaint, Lyndal Watson, Hannah Wilkinson, Bianca Zietsman


Date Week Result Opponents Score Field Time
12/02 1 Won 4-1 SOAS Warriorettes    
19/02 2 Won 4-1 Galaxy    
26/02 3 Won 3Kg Wimbledon 5-0    
05/03 4 Won 3Kg Fulham 4-0    
12/03 5 Won Galaxy Wahine 6-1    
19/03 6 Won SOAS Warriorettes 12-0    
26/03 S/F Lost Galaxy 6-7    
02/04 3/4 Won Galaxy 13-1    


WINNERS, In2Touch Ladies Open, Summer 04, Wandsworth


Galya Reuter - England Touch