Where Are They Now. .?

Good Question!

The idea of this area is to cover some news on those Hot Custard legends who have left for bigger, better, warmer (!) things. That way we can all keep in contact, keep up with what people are doing (because you know us, there is always something whacky happening!) and most of all, we can unashamedly keep track of floors that can be used to kip on when we appear unannounced at your doorstep on the other side of the world!

And with Canada, France, Australia, New Zealand already with pins in on the map, and Hong Kong coming shortly... we can have ourselves a merry jaunt to see you all...

So until we work out just how to do it, here's just enough to keep us warm.

Latest Movements...:

Who? From? To?
Joey & Matt London Adelaide
Kellie London Melbourne
Kylie & Craig London Melbourne
Shannon London Wagga Wagga
(yes it's real!)
Nikki & Karl London Brisbane
Kirsty London Melbourne
Belinda London Brisbane
Sarah London Dublin
Sasha London Sydney
Bec London Portland/Germany
Kelly London Wagga Wagga
Sally Aus Athens!
Deanna London Perth
Jo DeVries Brisbane Hong Kong
Deanna London Perth
Lloydy Bumming around Oz Sydney
Clarkey London Brisbane
Ingrid London Beaches of NZ
Heather Canada Sydney
Lucy London Wanaka, NZ
Eugenie London Sydney