Who are, who are, who are we?
We are, we are, H - O - T!
What do we eat? Custard!
How do we eat it? Hot!
Hot Custard for me, Hot Custard for me,
If you're not Hot Custard, you're no good to me!
The Legends are tall! The Growlers are small!
But the mighty Hot Custard is the best of them all! - the Hot Custard song. Gets it's best renditions whilst supporting, drinking, drunk or just prior to drinking races...

This one time... - various. If you can tell a true story (or a damn fine one at least)... and the story is from a place beginning with 'B'... then the table has to drink tequila! Why? Not quite sure. But, 'this one time... in Barbados...'

Look at me, talk to me..! - various, but normally Kymee, just before she launches into a story... or whenever its time to grab the class's attention..!

Go big, or go home..! - various, usually after slinging a pass forty yards towards the net in the anticipation of the shooter being able to leap - Michael Jordan style - catch and dunk in one movement...

Chin up - Eugenie Duff, gentle encouragement to the wounded, the softies, the hard-done by or frustrated (Often her opponents..!).

Catch and mark this - Rohan, demonstrating his new found Aussie football terminology.

Catch what? - Heather, not an official quote mind you, but what she did say is probably not printable...

That may needs stitches.. - various, again.

Chin up, Heather! - see above.

Ah, that Hot Custard, what a beautiful bunch of people. So much fun, happiness, love and alcohol. And what sportspeople they are. And sexy too. You gotta love 'em. I do. - Anon.

We can take the cow... - Jess and Des...

OK. We can take the cow if there are three of us... - Jess and Des and Rohan.

Who's laughing now...? - The Mootro cow, Victoria station.

I'll get the tequilas in - Various. Everyone. Often.