It takes a certain something to be Hot Custard... and if you then get two or more of this style of person together... and into that recipe you then mix in sport, fun, beer, tequila or whatever... Then who knows what you're going to get!?!

We didn't. We still don't! It still somehow keeps itself fresh, we've never created the same thing twice and we wouldn't want to! Whether that's luck, skill or a bit of magic, it has everything to do with the people involved.

Everyone of us are a special ingredient. And from that come other special ingredients. Some have a more obvious explanation than others...:

Sex Appeal
Good Stories
We're full of them. Horsie and Tigger especially...
Best straight, with lime, but no-one will believe me!
Wagga Wagga
We didn't even believe it existed when we heard of it. Then they mentioned the Murrumbidgee (Marambeeji to some of us) and we knew they were joking.
A Touch of Lime
As mentioned before... with the tequila!
Chins Up
Eugenie's defining 'Get over yourself and on with it' call!
Blue Cows
Dangerous breed of large, metal cow. Normally an inanimate beast, it can be tempted into movement but is liable to snap!
Maps of Tassie
Cruiser Races
Straight down. Bring on the challengers!
Creasey Socks
The comfiest things you'll ever put your feet into.
The HC Card Game
We'll print the definitive rules soon...
Shot Glass Sculptures
A six-foot pyramid, one photo and four glasses short... this time...
Nudie Bowling
A nod to our cricketing prowess and the Burnsi's specialty - it's got nothing on it.
This One Time...
Go well, SF's