Hot Custard is meant to create a link between some great people, whether they're involved in the sports or not. Just being part of Hot Custard is hopefully rewarding by itself, but there are obviously some things that are worth some extra recognition. That's where the Hot Custard awards fit in. There are plans afoot to acknowledge teams and individuals within (or not) teams. These are likely to take a couple of formats, possibly team-specific 'OutStanding Contribution Awards' (Hot Custard OSCA's!) or some SF awards... though there has been an SF hat knocking around for that last one... For now though, we simply have the Essential Ingredient Award:

Hot Custard Essential Ingredient Award

Hot Custard as we know, is all about having fun, probably drinking too much alcohol and of course, playing good sport! Every one of us involved plays a unique part in the life of Hot Custard.

The 'Hot Custard Essential Ingredient Award' is presented to somebody each season to acknowledge their particular contribution to embodying all that Hot Custard stands for. We're all special ingredients but this award (voted for by the whole of Hot Custard) is given to someone who becomes an essential ingredient to a Hot Custard season. They don't have to play a particular sport, be the best player or the biggest drinker, but they will have spent the season with Hot Custard flowing in their veins!


Jo De Vries

For outstanding contributions on the court, in just about every position, including the whole final at GK when her parents had flown half way around the world to support Hot Custard...

As ever with Hot Custard, it is near-impossible to pick out a single person, which gives us all an insight into the kind of fun we have and the respect that we all have; for each other, for the game, for enjoying ourselves, for the bar and for tequila.

But one name was mentioned more often in conversations around this award. Jo has performed outstanding in every position she played amongst the team. She even found us safe enough to introduce not only her boyf, but her folks to us... If thats not dedication enough, then her dedication to Bacardi and Coke is great enough for many an award!

As a final note, I was amazed that the award actually made it home to her in one piece after finals night... Well, it was at least last seen leaving the Elusive Camel in one piece... but with Hot Custard, that really doesn't mean too much...

Well done to everyone - you are all essential ingredients, but for now, the Essential Ingredient honours and the inaugural Hot Custard Bowl go to Jo.


Sarah Sharpe

Hot Custard is all about having fun, playing good sport, probably drinking too much alcohol and every season there is someone who embodies all that Hot Custard stands for. They don't have to be the best netballer or the biggest drinker, but it just so happens that Sarah rates highly on both these counts!

Equally at ease shooting goals, marshalling the defense or controlling the centre court, she has been a key part of the Hot Custard team. She was also one half of the bedrock around which the Maps of Tassie were able to base their success and its no coincedence that with her involvement and guidance, both Hot Custard and the Maps of Tassie achieved final glory!

Once again, the voting was close, but Sarah's name was mentioned by almost everyone and she symbolises just what Hot Custard is all about. No question that everyone during the season is an ingredient in the fun (and success) we all have, but this time the honours and the recognition as an 'Essential Ingredient', go to Sarah.