Special Ingredients

Hot Custard is a special blend of things: sport, fun and above all, people. However, there are many other things about Hot Custard that make it what it is... some of which are more easily explainable than others...

Special Ingredients

Style, charm, talent and good stories? Or strange socks, racing vodka cruisers and nudie bowling...? Just what makes up some of the ingredients that go into Hot Custard?


In the beginning, there were a group of bored nineteen and twenty-somethings (and some others...) that got together with the idea of revving up their world of sociable sport. Read more . .


Some words, wit and wisdom. And some not so wise things that have been said!

Awards and Honours

There are internal Hot Custard honours you know..!?!

Where Are They Now..?

Good Question! We hope to answer some of those questions here...

What is Hot Custard?

Often asked, difficult to define.

Hot Custard Documents