What is Hot Custard?

Hot, hot, adj.
of high temperature: very warm: animated: passionate: new: much favoured: spicy: fiery: sl. good, quick, smart: charged with electricity: near the object sought: of news, fresh, exciting:
of music, sport etc., activities which are intensely played with complex rhythms and exciting improvisations: skilful.
Custard, kus't∂rd, n.
sweet mixture (of milk and eggs etc.): sauce, served hot or cold.
Hot Custard, hot kus't∂rd, n., adj.
having a good rapport whilst performing: amiable, play to play, not to win: a recipe for fun™: social sporting team based in London, known for having fun and enjoying their sport.

Hot Custard is a bunch of people having fun playing sport.
And when we are done with that, we have more fun in the bar afterwards! It's all good for us!

What do we play? So far, netball, touch footy, cricket, frisbee and we've done an assortment of odd one-off events... but we are always looking to expand our repertoire! Currently under consideration are field hockey, lawn bowls and modern pentathlon... We may not know all the rules, we may not have even played before but we feel we uphold one of the true values of sport:

"Its not the winning, its the looking good that counts!™"

(The fact that we like to win too is just plain greedy but hey, nobody's perfect!)

So that's a taster. We've got English, Australians, Kiwi's, Irish, Saffa's and Zimbabweans in the ranks and currently over 100 members. Not bad for a few people who decided to see if they could combine some of their social activities with a bit of team sport - something they were missing until then in London!

With a very successful social sporting pedigree, Hot Custard has gone from strength to strength. Though players have to come and go we've accommodated newcomers, stayed in touch with the 'veterans' and are hoping to expand with an international base soon! (If for no other reason than to allow us to get a few of us over to other parts of the world!)

Hot Custard has been lucky to gather together a group of sporting people of such fine ability, skill and gamesmanship... and out of the pub we're pretty handy too...

Hot Custard. What's it all about? If you don't get it, you probably never will.

Hot Custard, looks good, taste's good™.